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Bush Philosopher’s Freycinet Circuit

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Notice: A ‘Bush Philosopher’ style walk (nice places; ample time at camp; ambling at gentle yet steady pace). Camp Sat at Cooks Beach, Sun somewhere at Wineglass Bay (but away from the crowds). Proposed route: to Wineglass via the saddle, across Hazards Lagoon off-track [which is faster & lots more nice things to see than on-track :-) ], then on-track to Cooks. Sunday: On-track to top of Mt Freycinet, then off-track down northern-most NW ridge to Hazards, from there off-track across to Wineglass. Stretches of moderate scrub, suitable for keen prospectives, may need to carry 2.5l water for up to 1.5 hrs. Total car travelling distance approx. 400 km. Maximum group size = 8. Depart Hobart: Saturday, 8.00 am from Fitzroy Cres. Return to Hobart: Monday 11/3, before 4 pm.
Walking is Fun Cartoon
Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Report: Participants: Paul 1 (the quiet & steady one), Paul 2 (the high spirited one), Rob (one of my trip-leader heroes), Charles (mostly chatty & irrepressible), Polly (calm & serene as always), Claire (always ready to smile), Vanessa (the chairperson of the committee formed by decree to sort out the side-effects of the trip-changing mutiny), and myself (Andreas). On Saturday, a shaky start (couldn't decide whether or not to have a second coffee at the Left Bank Cafe in Swansea) was overcome by spending not too much time at the Coles Bay Bakery. The first mutiny had already occurred before the trip with some cantankerous old man wanting to change the trip plan (and succeed he did with popular assent ;-) ). After a pleasant off-track amble across Hazards Lagoon, camp was made at one of the small beaches south of Hazards Beach. Sunday was spent getting to the top of Mt Freycinet on-track and from there back to the camp at Hazards off-track. Major excitement was provided by above-mentioned cantankerous old man when we weren't quite sure whether he had come to grief doing personal business somewhere on the side of the track or whether he had darted ahead. All were happily re-united at the Mt Freycinet - Mt Graham saddle. I've nick-named him 'RG' henceforth. 'R' stands for 'runaway', the 'G' I cannot reveal because he has already had some very suitable suggestions himself which I am sure he would be quite happy to tell you about if you asked him in a nice manner. Monday saw another minor mutiny which resulted in half the party going back to Wineglass Bay via the track while the other half joyfully plunged into exploring another as yet unknown off-track route across Hazards Lagoon. A nice trip in nice company! :-) Andreas.

Across the Plateau

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Notice: Through the land of 10000 lakes in 'Bush Philosopher' style (nice places; ample time at camp; ambling at gentle yet steady pace; poets & story tellers most welcome). Off-track walking with patches of scrub (we'll try our best to keep out of those). I know the starting point, the end point, a few bits in between, but I haven't done the whole trip myself. Suitable for members that can deal with, at the extreme, being stuck in tents for days under a heavy load of snow. Also may have to put up with blissfully glorious days lazing around beautiful highland lakes in the sun. Food cache could be put in somewhere at the half way mark before the trip. Maximum group size = 6. Transport arrangements may involve public transport costing up to $100 per person, a deposit of $50 required by 1/12 (refundable if suitable replacement party member is found).

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Report: A happy group of 6 emerged at the Derwent Bridge Hotel after an 8 day off-track amble from Syd's Track (south of Deloraine) to Travellers Rest Lagoon. It had been a good trip full of humour and excellent team work. A shaky start (coach company still had our packs in Hobart when we disembarked at Deloraine) was followed by a white Xmas, soggyness from above, soggyness from below (increasingly adventurous river crossings), patches of oh-so-nice sun, dips in various lakes & lagoons, and passing by many beautiful tarns/heaths/rock formations etc. (I won't mention some of the scrub or those surprise BOULDERS on the second-last day). Pam kept us moving, Mary should be ready for her certificate of competency in river crossings soon, Kathy 'Buttercup' excelled as chief navigator and self-appointed 'Lady-of-things-not-entirely-suitable-for-polite-society', Susanne achieved happiness with her first long off-track/meet no other walkers trip, Robert kept himself and us amused with photography and stories from Lord of the Rings, and Andreas provided by far the most entertaining dinner (Asian dried soup mix full of 30+ cm long vegetables looking like off-colour mal-nourished octopus). Mary & Buttercup have undertaken to write the saga up for the Tasmanian Tramp with Robert providing the photos. The group will get together for a slide nite soon. The trip was a pleasure to lead. :-) Andreas.

Cape Pillar & Mt Fortescue Take #1

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Notice: A favourite walk with spectacular cliffs & coastal scenary. Sat walk via the re-routed Cape Pillar Track to the Oasis & camp there. Sun walk out to Cape Pillar and possibly part-way to Mt Fortescue, possibly camp somewhere between Perdition Ponds and Mt Fortescue. Sun out via Mt Fortescue. For more info on Andreas' trip philosophy have a look at . Suitable for prospective members. Max group size = 8. Travel distance from Hobart ~110 km one way. Meet at Fitzroy Cres Sat 8.00 am. Return to Hobart Mon no later than 4.00 pm.

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Report: Gale-force winds and snow in the higher areas were forecasted. The trip would take us into areas with endearing names such as Tornado Flats, Hurricane Heath, Perdition Plateau and Desolation Gully. A concerned friend even left a message asking whether I wouldn't rather come with them to Lake Dobson Hut. Despite the foreseeably disastrous conditions Pam, Tom, Nick, Paul, Jo & myself bravely gathered at Fitzroy Gardens. Before actually starting the walk, time was spent in 2 places that served coffee & other yummy things along the way :-) . Some trip highlights included: Jo's experiment with soy milk in coffee instead of the real stuff and looking decidedly unconvinced when told that this was probably good for her, repeatedly crossing paths with a Launceston Walking Club party and having 3 of them sharing our campsite on Sunday nite, poetry readings & star gazing even though the night was somewhat coolish (Tennyson's Ulysses took a while to get through), Nick assuring me that Alfred E. Newman (the cartoon character in the satirical mag MAD) must have been modelled after me (is that a compliment or what??? ... is anyone old enough to have a copy of MAD floating around? ... methinks I need to re-read this), sitting on top of Cape Pillar basking in the sun & watching fishing boats faaar below bobbing up & down in the swell which must have been at least 4-5 meters high, ... aaand that exquisite banana cake out of Paul's humongous lunch box (thx for baking this, Christine!) - following popular request Paul has promised to find the recipe & send it to the circular editor hoping that it may be published. Ah yes, and the weather ... Susanne told me it was wet & windy in Hobart for the 3 days ... strange ... the only real rain we had was on Monday morning before breakfast ... otherwise regular nice patches of sun as well as the wind of course ... there you go! Another nice trip in nice company , many thx to all ! :-) Andreas ,,

Arthurs Peak - A lazy overniter :-)

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Notice: I just love this part of the Tasman Peninsula! Snowgums, open heathland, peaks & cliff tops with speccy sea views, not too far to travel, ... . ~ 2 hrs walk until we find an agreeable campsite somewhere in the vicinity of Crescent Mountain or Arthurs Peak. Climb one or both. May need to put up with stopping at a bakery on the way to & from. For more info on Andreas' trip philosophy have a look at May need to carry overnite supply of water for up to 45 minutes. Suitable for prospective members willing to try walking on rough tracks & to have a go at some easy off-track walking. Max group size = 8. Total car travel distance approx. 220 km. Meet at Fitzroy Cres Sat 8.00 am. Return to Hobart Sun no later than 4.00 pm.

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Report: Walk Report by Mary Armsby: Not all trips need to be extreme to be memorable, the idyll recounted here was an overnight escape which allowed the sweat and efforts of other worlds to sink back and away. A short walk on a surprisingly good new track, soft gentle glades, an archway, a cushioned campsite, yellow tailed black cockatoos heralding our arrival at Arthur's Peak. And what antiquities revealed themselves. Backstage, enter jagged Raoul, a vivid rainbow sweeping the swirling stage floor far below, Crescent Bay, Mt Brown, air so bitingly fresh, so much to enjoy. Conversations, minds and thoughts challenged, a full moon, a symphony of frogs and waves under the stars, the tents a warm cocoon of peace and simplicity, frozen silver tent fly, cool sunlit morning, noisy Miners, Eastern Spinebills, waves of gentle pink Epacris, a return to Fortesque Bay and the other world from which only three had chosen this escape, Andreas, John and Me.

Douglas/Apsley National Park - A cruisy amble - Hobart Show Day Extended Weekend

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Notice: 4 days in a luvly park walking North to South. Camps most likely at Heritage Falls, Douglas River & close to Mt Andrew. Time to explore various falls & other side trips. Suitable for prospective members. May need to put up with stopping at bakeries on the way to & from. For more info on Andreas' trip philosophy have a look at Total car travelling distance approx. 410 km. Car shuffle of ~30 km's. Access to the northern end of the park by car has become 'adventurous' due to erosion but still is manageable. Maximum group size = 8.

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Report: A thoroughly pleasant trip was enjoyed by Peter, Jo, Dawn, Robert, Greg, Susanne & Andreas. More than enough sun to keep us cheerful, pleasant campsites, commanding coastal views, soaking up the warmth of large river boulders, swimming holes, lively conversations, and ... of course ... the discovery of a pack of cards. Congrats to Greg for having a go ... great ... very inspiring ... thanks mate! All up, what a nice way to return to the Tas bush after 5 weeks of feeling 'out-of-place' in busy Europe! Thank you all for a good trip, Andreas,

South Coast Track to Precipitous Bluff (10 days over Xmas)

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Notice: Spectacular wild beaches & a remote mountain to climb as our Xmas get-away. Walk South Coast Track from Cockle Creek to Prion Beach, wade up New River Lagoon, camp at Damper Creek, climb PB as a day trip, return by the same route. I have done the track several times but haven’t been up the lagoon or PB. Those who prefer to linger at the beaches can give PB a miss & provide a ‘base camp’. Food drop could be left somewhere along the route either on the way in or before the trip. Trip pace will be cruisy. For more info on Andreas’ trip philosophy have a look at Suitable for new members who are keen to gain experience. Maximum group size = 8.

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Report:


Seven intrepid walkers heading off to P.B,
made it to the rivulet just in time for tea.
Sunday morning dawned wet and cold.
One said, ‘Don’t think this walks for me – getting too old!’
So six intrepid walkers set off over South Cape range,
by days end they were rather weary and mud splattered – strange!
Overnight at Granite then onto Surprise to ‘drop’ some food,
Ambled along to Prion in a fairly happy mood.
Next morning there were several tales to tell.
One had diarrhea, another irregular heart beats and another just wanted a spell!
So after much debate, two walkers headed off up the Lagoon to Damper Creek,
while four stayed at Prion doing nothing much of which to speak.
Christmas Day three set off for Osmiridian to laze on the beach,
while one stayed to await the return of the two trying PB to reach.
All day the three parties watched PB come and go in cloud,
often wondering about the others out aloud.
Boxing Day found the beach wanderers over at Surprise,
about the others they could only surmise.
Walker at a Bus Stop Cartoon The next day they dawdled over to Granite to sip tea,
and await the arrival of one of the other three.
News came that PB had almost been conquered,
and the one was at Surprise feeling rather stonquered.
The other two were on their way over the Ironbounds,
headed towards Melalucca’s more civilized sounds.
By the 28th the three had become four,
and they set off over the range once more.
Three more days it took to get to Cockle in the heat,
to ensure the heart didn’t get out of beat
A peaceful campsite atop the range they stayed,
before moving to the rivulet where on the beach they played.
The last morning saw them hurrying off in a bunch,
to make it to the Dover Bakery for lunch.
Finally all 7 walkers finished with a hop and skip,
each very happy with their version of the trip.

By Kathy Cane

Frenchmans Cap (Extended Australia Day LWE)

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Notice: Take Friday before Oz Day LWE off to walk to this magnificent white quartzite dome at the heart of SW Tas. Cross the Franklin River, camp at the side of mountain lakes & enjoy the grand view of the South West from the top. 4 days are ample for getting there at a reasonably cruisy pace. In case of unsuitable weather we’ll walk Lake Petrarch/Narcissus/Echo Point at the southern end of Overland Track instead. Andreas’ trip philosophy at Suitable for fit & keen prospectives. ~400 km total car travel. 8 walkers max.

Narawntapu National Park - formerly Asbestos NP (Hobart Regatta Day LWE)

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Notice: Explore this wonderful coastal National Park 50 km NW of Launceston from a base camp. Low coastal ranges, long Bass Strait beaches, inlets, islands, headlands, heaps of birdlife, walking, cycling, kayaking. Walks of up to 7-9 hours available. Andreas’ trip philosophy at Suitable for prospectives. ~550 km total car travel.

Cruisy Central Plateau Circuit including Walls of Jerusalem (Easter 5 Days Extended)

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Notice: Through the land of 10000 lakes from Lake Ada taking in Lake Fanny, Walls of Jerusalem, Ah Chees Lake & Theresa Lagoon. 1 camp somewhere close to Dixon’s kingdom to explore the Walls from the outside & avoid the Easter crowd. Pace cruisy. Andreas’ trip philosophy at Suitable for walkers that can deal with occasional patches of scrub &, at the extreme, being stuck in tents for days under a heavy load of snow. Also may have to put up with blissfully glorious days lazing around beautiful highland lakes in the sun. To keep the ‘not-so-pleasant’ Easter weather spirits at bay, a bad weather trip alternative will be planned. Max group size = 6.

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Report: Well, what an Easter trip :-) !!! Sue ('Isn't this a nice group'), Susanne ('... and where's my dessert ... ?'), Peter ('The Bulldozer'), Rob ('The Choirmaster'), Graham ('The General'), Dave ('The Irrepressible') and Andreas ('Colonel Klink') had to put up with 5 glorious days 'marred' by only 2-3 minutes of drizzle. Hard to take, really. Wonderful sun every morning to unthaw our tents after the night's frost, 2 nites at a beautiful campsite tucked away somewhere close to the Walls amidst tarns & pines, lively conversations, the excitement of negotiating the flooded road past the Lake Augusta dam on the way out (water ~ 30 cm deep & flowing pretty fast, no problem though due to timely & able assistance from a very nice Parks bloke, 'Des' or 'Les' methinks), and finally the most recommendable Bothwell bakery ... those home-made pies & vanilla slices ... yum! Thank you to everyone for being such a nice mob. Andreas,,

Mt Fortescue & Cape Pillar Take #3

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Report: Another walk to Cape Pillar with an ominous weather forecast looming ... this time 8 warnings of various kind (2 X flood, wind, road, gale, small craft, bushwalkers & sheep graziers) ... nevertheless, foolhardy as ever, they trudged off into the darkening skys: David, John, Kathy, Pam, Susanne & Andreas. They got what they deserved ... dramatic skies with sunny spots and grand coastal views, then rain & hailstorm mainly while snugly tucked away in their tents on the first day, ... and after that ... balmy mornings (is this really winter?!?) ... and clear nite skies with a crescent moon inviting most of the party to linger together in the dark well past the last cuppa. The downside: Susanne still hasn't made it to the cape, but at least everyone bar the slack leader made it up The Blade. One party member insisted on doing the whole trip in sandals without socks, no brain no pain I suppose ;-) . Of interest to note: the sign at the track junction to Arthurs Peak appears to have been removed. A thoroughly enjoyable trip with a veeery nice bunch of people, thank you everyone! Andreas,,

Cruisy King William Range Exploration (Hobart Show Day Long Weekend)

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Notice: A 4-day exploration of this beautiful alpine range with lakes, tarns, pandanis, pines, cushion plants, snow gums and of course those magnificent views taking in most of South West Tasmania. A dreamer’s & photographer’s delight. I've been to the northern end of the range, but haven't done the whole lot myself yet. Trip philosophy at To keep the ‘not-so-pleasant’ Show Day weather spirits at bay, a bad weather trip alternative is planned. Pace cruisy, trip suitable for prospective members with good gear. Max group size = 6. Meet at Fitzroy Cres Thu 7.00 am. Return to Hobart by Sun 4.00 pm.

Cruisy Tarkine Exploration (Xmas Extended)

Hobart Walking Club Inc. Walk Notice: Wind-swept beaches, huge ocean rollers, wind-sculptured granite rocks, expansive dune fields & a remote range to climb as our Xmas get-away. Another dreamer’s & photographer’s delight. This is a new walk for me, join in with a spirit of exploration & adventure. Details of proposed route still to be finalised, but could include taking a boat to the head of the Pieman River, then North, then towards Mt Sunday along the Interview River & return to pick up by boat. Some encounters with hardy scrub are likely, but we will do our best to minimise these. Pace cruisy. Trip philosophy at Suitable for reasonably fit new members with good attitude & gear. 8 nites in the bush max, the remaining days in the proposed date range allow for getting there & back. Pre-trip meeting early Dec. Max group size = 6.

Cycling on Ocean Beach, Strahan, Tasmania, Australia

Cycling Trip Descriptions

M-Road Mission LITE

Salamanca Cyclists Touring Club Trip Notice: A lite version of the M-Road trip for those who seek an excuse to be away overnight with their bike whilst maintaining the Coffee Cyclist approach to energy expenditure. Meet Saturday 10.30 am ready to roll in front of Swansea's Left Bank Cafe (Or be there earlier for coffee & newspapers like me. I will go up on Fri. night & stay at the caravan park close to the beach [northern end of town]). Saturdays itinerary: Swansea - Cranbrook - up the dirt road parallel to Freestone Creek - Meetus Falls for camp, ~40 km distance and ~600 m climbing stretched out over ~10 km. Sunday: back to Swansea using Lake Leake Why (a looooooong & very scenic descent :-) ) followed by either another coffee shop visit or Kate's Berry Farm or whatever before heading back to Hobart.

Bruny Island - Cruisy Camping Trip (Hobart Regatta Day Long Weekend)

Salamanca Cyclists Touring Club Trip Notice: One of the best cycling trips (& gentle) the world has to offer! Great views, great variety, great fresh air, great camping. Our fav trip and Susanne’s choice for getting back into cycle touring after finishing her studies (+ testing new gearing arrangements on the fairly el cheapo bike). Sat: leave car at Kettering, catch 9.30 am ferry to Bruny, cycle to Adventure Bay, ~40 km on undulating roads with ~ 8km unsealed sections (fairly well maintained), set up base camp at Adventure Bay for 2 nites (choice of free camping, 2 caravan parks, & 1 hostel with camping facility). Sun: day cycle Lunawanna/Alonnah circuit, great views guaranteed, ~37km distance with one decent hill (overnite gear stays at camp). Trip likely to include: morning tea/lunch at Rao’s on Bruny, lunch at Morella Hothouse Café. Pre-trip meeting for anyone who may be interested in discussing gear & trip preparation at Andreas & Susanne’s place in Taroona. Max group size = 8. Andreas trip philosophy at

Cressy – Liffey Falls Circuit through the rolling foothills of the Great Western Tiers (ANZAC Long Weekend)

Salamanca Cyclists Touring Club Trip Notice: Susanne & I really like the country between Molle Creek/Deloraine/Longford and The Great Western Tiers. Undulating small country roads lined by hawthorne hedges against the backdrop of spectacular bluffs & mountains. Camp nite 1 at Liffey Falls, nite 2 still to be decided. Trip will run at a veeery mellow pace with a keen eye for suitable bakeries & the likes. Andreas trip philosophy at Pre-trip meeting (only if you want to) for anyone who may be interested in discussing gear & trip preparation.

The 'Tengai' (Kawa KLR650 Thumper) in a Bush Camp above Whietwater Wall, Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia

Motorbike Trip Descriptions

Motorcycle Camping 3 Day Weekend - Hobart to NE Tas & rtn

Ulysses Club Trip Notice: We'd like to have a closer look at the roads, scenery & attractions between Scottsdale, Bridport, George Town & Launceston. Pace will be cruisy with a keen eye for nice bakeries and the like. Will also pick camp sites with just the right mix of 'nice views', closeness to pubs, etc. Andreas' outdoor trip philosophy at Further details to be worked out together with anyone who may like to join us. Leave Hobart Sat 8.00 am, return before Mon 4.00 pm. Contact Andreas & Susanne:

Motorcycle Camping 2 Week Holiday - Hobart to South Australia & rtn

Ulysses Club Trip Notice: Our mid-year 2 week holiday. Visions of cruisy pace, many memorable bakeries to be found, Great Ocean Road, Kangaroo Island, Barossa Valley, ... . Andreas' outdoor trip philosophy at Further details to be worked out together with anyone who may like to join us. Leave Hobart Sat 8.00 am, return before Mon 4.00 pm. Contact Andreas & Susanne:, (03) 6238 2927 (Andreas @ work).

Kayak Trip Descriptions

Lake Pedder

Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club Trip Notice: Spectacular scenery, mountains, history! Launch at Scotts Peak Dam, circumpaddle then camp at Mt Solitary. Climb Mt Solitary or Scotts Peak, or explore on water. Around 20 km/day. If weather unfavourable Moulting Lagoon could be alternative. Cruisey pace. Check out At the End of a Day of Kayaking

Lake Pedder & First-Time Trip Co-ordination

Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club Trip Report: Mark Broadley & I had been talking about going on a trip together for quite a few months. Finally we grabbed our diaries, bit the bullet & set a date. 13-14 April it was to be. Where to? Lake Pedder sounded good. Then the thought: We should do the right thing and organise the trip through TSCC. After a few emails & phone conversations with Craig, Jean & Veronica the trip notice ended up in the club program.

Being new to co-ordinating kayaking trips I drew up a number of discussion points & check lists to make sure nothing vital was going to be missed. Following a previous suggestion from Craig, I met with Craig for 30 minutes, and we went through the plan, escape routes, worst case scenarios, how to brief & vet prospective party members, etc. (Thx for your time, encouragement, patience & mentoring Craig!).

3 members booked for the trip. 1 ended up being unable to extricate himself from a heap of files that landed on his lap at work a few days before the trip. Another one rang on the morning of the trip at 6.15 am with a flat tire, no spare and living too far out of the way.

Sat 8.00 am. Sam, Mark & I met up at the Granton kiosk. A bakery on route to Lake Pedder tempted us to linger for a while. It looked windy with whitecaps on the lake when we arrived at the launching site.

By lunchtime we were floating into a daaark sky with gusty winds. At various times the wind came from South West, West and North. Up to ~20 knots with a few cold rain squalls. After 10 km of cruisy paddling a nice campsite was found on the eastern side of Mount Solitary. Mark & Sam set off to conquer the closest peak while I soaked up the sun in my inflatable armchair and read the weekend paper (yes the weather had become positively balmy by now). At sunset and from dawn onwards the view to Mount Anne was stunning. Mark & Sam were going wild with their cameras.

Sunday's weather was glorious. A great time was had enjoying the spectacular scenery with all the rugged mountains & ranges. A cruisy 20 km paddle around Mt Solitary and through the Barrier Islands brought us back to the cars just after lunch. There were no other vessels on the lake during the whole time.

I left Lake Pedder thinking that I must organise at least another 2 cruisy-paced trips: 1 to climb Mt Solitary and the other to camp at the base of the Frankland Range and climb Terminal Peak.

A few notes on Lake Pedder: The water is very cooold - beware & dress for potential immersion! Short, steep breaking waves can whip up quickly. You can safely land on about 80% of the shoreline. There are many potential campsites, mostly on the beach. Bring a wind-resistant tent. Driving from Hobart to Scotts Peak Dam: 160 km, 2.5 hours, lots of potholes for the last 10 kms.

See you on the water. :-) Andreas.

Pottering about Norfolk Bay

Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club Trip Notice: A cruisy winter paddle around Norfolk Bay – history, sandstone cliffs, shellfish, good fishing & lots of lovely sheltered bays/islands to be explored. Depending on weather probably launch at Murdunna and camp 1 nite each at Lime Bay and in Cascades Bay. Campfire & gluehwine highly likely!. Paddling distances 15-20 km per day. Andreas' trip philosophy at Trip alternative in case of unsuitable weather: Swan River & Moulting Lagoon. Meet at Fitzroy Crescent Fri 8.00 am. Back in Hobart Sun before 4 pm.

Swan River & Moulting Lagoon

Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club Trip Notice: Cruisy exploration of a river & a birdlife paradise. 2 nites camping in beautiful settings, hopefully with ‘spring in the air’. Paddling distances 10-15 km per day. Andreas’ trip philosophy at Map: 1:100000 Freycinet. Depart Hobart Fri 8.00 am. Back in Hobart Sun before 4 pm.

Dunalley - Lagoon Bay

Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club Trip Notice: A cruisey pace exploring Blackman Bay and onto Lagoon Bay for a camp fire and gluwine. Paddling distance 15 -20 km / day.

Hastings Bay & Lune River

Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club Trip Notice: Cruisy paced overnite exploration of Hastings Bay & Lune River. Launch at Southport. Camp in Ida Bay State Reserve with camp fire & gluehwine likely. Watch me embarrass myself with my new sit-on-top touring kayak ;-) . Trip philosophy at Paddling distance ~15 km/day.

Swan River Dawdle, Fish & Camp

Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club Trip Notice: A dawdly overnite paddle in sheltered waters. Friend Sue & I have been talking about doing a trip like this for yonks, so now we will. Swan River is a very attractive stretch of water to explore including lots of birds & fish. Sue is a mad keen fish catcher who may well provide ample fresh fish to everyone. For those who like to cover dozens of kms per day there is Moulting Lagoon to explore. Launch at Swan River Road (~8km north of Swansea). Camp at the little known & rarely used Swan River camping reserve (Grid 891438 on Map 1:100000 Freycinet, also accessible by car via Grange Road). Trip philosophy at

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