Andreas with Rosinante on Lake Pedder 2002.

Thanks to Sam for the nice shot.

Lake Pedder is an inland lake in the South West wilderness of Tasmania, Australia. Things can get pretty rough there. Like wind speeds exceeding 100 km/h suddenly dropping off the surrounding hills without much warning.

On this trip there were three of us. The last rain storm had just passed through and the next one wasn't very far away. Mark is steadying Sam's kayak while Sam takes the photos.

Rosinante is a folding kayak made by Feathercraft. A top boat, easy to use, stable, fast, feeling really nice to paddle as a craft built to the natural skin on frame principle. Early 2003 I sold her to part-finance the recently re-surfaced motorcycling habit (Rosinate costs about 3-4 times as much as our car!!!?!). The next paddling vessel was a much cheaper plastic sit-on-top touring kayak.

Andreas with Rosinante on Lake Pedder 2002

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