Andreas Camping on Cycle Tour in Cochem, Germany, Oct 2002.

I'd been visiting family & friends in Germany. For a break I cycled down the first 600 km of the river Danube. Then I took a train to Cochem, the wine center on the Moselle River, to catch up with friends.

I'd been cycling on father's 'retired' bike, a luxury model with 3 gears all up. It was a strange journey, for my 12 nites staying in a tent on caravan parks I was the only traveller in a tent for 11 nites. Everyone considered the camping season to be over.

The photo shows me on a caravan park in Cochem, vineyards everywhere on the hills of the river valley (not so visible on this shot), waiting for my father who was meeting me there the next day with his campervan.

Andreas Camping on Cycle Tour in Cochem Oct 2002

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