Meditation Walks & Bush Camps

I enjoy meditating in the bush / mountains / near the sea. 
Close to nature, away from the buzzyness & walled-in feeling of more 'civilised' environments.

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There are a few of us planning to do more of it as part of overnite bushwalks.  Have a look here for walk reports

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Currently these guidelines are part of what we do:
Any of the above are up for discussion & should evolve further over time depending on who is there & how they'd like to do things.

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The only 'special' gear needed which your average bushwalker may not have is a tent with 'sitting headroom' for seated meditation.  Being a tallish fellow, I need an internal tent height of ~110cm.  We've got several light-weight tents like that at home, available for loan if needed.

Interested?  ...  let me know ...

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Slide Show: Blue Tiers 10 Day Meditation Bushwalk (Dharma Yatra) February-March 2013

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